Poythress and Frame on copyright...

Last night one reader of the correspondence with EPP reminded me of the interest Vern Poythress and John Frame have in copyright issues and I responded that I'd found their articles on the subject very helpful months back when I began this dialog with EPP. For those wanting to delve more deeply into this subject, here are three pieces that open up these issues with biblical wisdom.

"Copyrights and Copying: Why the Law Should Be Changed" by Vern Poythress.

"Digital Ethics and File Formats" by Vern Poythress.

"The Other Shoe: or, Copyright and the Reasonable Use of Technology" by John Frame.



I'm rather surprised to find a Reformed theologian uncritically recommending the works of (extreme libertarian) Richard Stallman and the FSF. On their web-pages, you can find them plainly stating that the laws of the land have no moral authority, and there is no ethical problem in flouting them. (They go on to say that this is not the optimum strategy, and hence they don't recommend it). Vern Polythress ought to know better than to uncritically recommend in this way.

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