Have they no shame?

After last week's attack on several men in a homosexual bar in New Bedford, Massachusetts US Representative Barny Frank and Senator Ted Kennedy immediately sought federal hate crime legislation covering attacks on homosexuals.

Where, one might ask, were Messrs. Kennedy and Frank in 1999 when Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth had seven members killed and many more wounded? Where were they in 2003 when St. Paul's in Rochester Hills, MI, had one killed and seven wounded? Or in 1999 when the Korean United Methodist Church in Bloomington, IN, was attacked by a white supremacist with one killed?

Make no mistake about it, hate crime legislation truly deals with hate, but not the hate of attackers. Instead, such legislation flows from the hatred of the wicked for the innocent. It reveals the repugnance of ordinary human life--those non-privileged classes of people whose murders are ordinary murders, exempt from federal protection--to the framers of such legislation. We leave the hatred of Frank and Kennedy for innocent babies in their mother's wombs to God to avenge. Meanwhile, all murder flows from hatred and no murderer deserves greater opprobrium than another.

The halls of human justice are established to deal with hate crimes. No other form of crime exists.


I agree that all crimes are hate crimes. It doesn't matter if the reasoning was because someone was considered gay, or a liar, or a thief, etc.

People who commit violent crimes have hate in their hearts period. Our nation needs to focus on stricter sentencing for violent crime rather than categorizing it. Is a woman who is raped a lesser victim than a gay man beaten for his sexuality, simply because his lifestyle is the flavor of the month for legislators and activists? Certainly not!

People like Frank and Kennedy would be admired for their efforts if they were truly concerned for the victims, but, most level headed Americans know they only attach themselves to causes they would appear to give them favor and therefore more votes for their party.

Barny Frank was named by Paul Banacci in John DeCamps book The Franklin Coverup as one of the men who raped him when he was just a kid. He must have been sadistic to have caused those boys to scream so loud.

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