An exercise in marital communication...

Read this article, all the way to to the bottom where you'll see a correction. Note that correction--it's a classic, going a long way towards explaining the speech patterns of husbands and wives. You know, wife asks husband, "Honey, could you pick up the kids?"

Husband hears, "Money, could you hiccup the lids?"

Any other nominations?


well, it's kind of like a salt assault.

I can't think of any specific examples, but it seems that I only hear the first part of whatever my wife says.

Mine, too, Brandon. She gets as far as "Honey, did you remember to..." and I already know to say "No."

The nice thing about onl hearing the first part, Brandon, is that my wife has somehow (not through my feedback, I guarantee) figured out that she needs to put the most important intel at the beginning of a voicemail so I can actually hear it (ex.: "Hey Jim, will you 'x,y,z,'"; "I 'x,y,z-ed' so...") because the rest is (because she is not a loud talker) like adults or Woodstock in Charlie Brown - "wah-wah-WAH-wah..."

I thought "wah, wah" was a George Harrison song.

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