Carolyn Custis James and evangelical feminists are in harmony...

Carolyn Custis James' association with evangelical feminists opposed to the teaching of Scripture goes back several years, at least. She was one of the principal speakers at the Christians for Biblical Equality conference held in Orlando in 2003. Here is the list of speakers and representative topics:

Find out why the devil hates women in ministry, how to be a wild-hearted woman, and what the Bible says about God's gender at the 2003 conference in Orlando. An all-star cast of speakers awaits you, such as David Hamilton, Kevin Giles, Linda Belleville, Lee Grady, Funmi Para-Mallam, Carolyn Custis James, and John Kohlenberger. Our conference will explore the theme, "The Priesthood of All Believers: Serving Christ as a Global Community.

Anyone who doubts that Christians for Biblical Equality is an organization in principle opposed to the teaching of God's Word concerning sexuality has only to go here and read their confession of faith to know who Carolyn Custis James is making common cause with.

It is impossible to support Christians for Biblical Equality's confession of faith and the Westminster Standards. It is impossible to be an adherent to CBE's false doctrine and to Scripture's true doctrine of sexuality. It is impossible for a woman or man to subscribe to the plenary verbal inspiration of Scripture and to the doctrines of Christians for Biblical Equality. To illustrate, here are a couple excerpts from CBE's confession of faith...

2. The Bible teaches that woman and man were created for full and equal partnership. The word "helper" (ezer), used to designate woman in Genesis 2:18, refers to God in most instances of Old Testament usage (e.g. 1Sam 7:12; Ps 121:1-2). Consequently the word conveys no implication whatsoever of female subordination or inferiority.

4. The Bible teaches that man and woman were co-participants in the Fall: Adam was no less culpable than Eve (Gen 3:6; Rom 5:12-21; 1Cor 15:21-22).

5. The Bible teaches that the rulership of Adam over Eve resulted from the Fall and was therefore not a part of the original created order. Genesis 3:16 is a prediction of the effects of the Fall rather than a prescription of God's ideal order.

9. The Bible teaches that, in the New Testament economy, women as well as men exercise the prophetic, priestly and royal functions (Acts 2:17-18, 21:9; 1Cor 11:5; 1Peter 2:9-10; Rev 1:6, 5:10). Therefore, the few isolated texts that appear to restrict the full redemptive freedom of women must not be interpreted simplistically and in contradiction to the rest of Scripture, but their interpretation must take into account their relation to the broader teaching of Scripture and their total context (1Cor 11:2-16, 14:33-36; 1Tim 2:9-15).

The natural question, then, is twofold: first, why did Christians for Biblical Equality feature Carolyn Custis James at their 2003 conference and why do they continue to offer Carolyn Custis James' books and tapes if Carolyn Custis James faithfully opposes the feminist spirit of the age which wages war against the biblical doctrine of sexuality?

But more to the point, why does Carolyn Custis James work side by side with Christians for Biblical Equality when the purpose of their organization is to oppose God's precious Truth?

Either Christians for Biblical Equality, despite hours and days with Carolyn Custis James (including reading her books and listening to her messages) is naive about her true commitments, or they recognize a fellow traveler and continue to promote her brand of theological work because it is in essential agreement with their own.

Either Caroloyn Custis James, despite hours and days with Christians for Biblical Equality (including reading their literature and hanging out at their national conference) is naive concerning CBE's true commitments, or she recognizes them as fellow travelers and continues to make common cause with them because she subscribes to their doctrine.

Either way, the largest question we are left with is why the James' are given leadership at Reformed Theological Seminary, why their doctrine is given prominence in the PCA's byFaith magazine, and why Covenant College chose her to be a keynote speaker at their conference on the Church and Gender when each of these communities is committed theologically to opposing the very errors CBE and her adherents exist to promote?


Tim, may I suggest that you post a brief refutation of each of the items you quote from CBE's statement of faith? Thanks.

Why is it that those who want to use CCJ "Ezer" translation dont see that it ends up making the woman the head?

In their view EZER proves that Adam needs a STRONG WARRIOR. They go on to show that this word is used of GOD in the OT as he saves His nation. SO Adam, needs a strong savior if the word means this in Gen 2:18.

The result of this view of course is that it makes EVE the leader/savior/head. But they never want to come to that conclusion (outloud), they just want "equality of roles". But you cant have it both ways. Either the word means WARRIOR/SAVIOR like CCJ proposes with her examples of God coming to rescue Israel or STRONGER nations coming to the rescue of weaker ones. Or, the word means helper in the more traditional sense and it goes the other way. If it means warrior/savior then Eve is presented in Gen 2:18 as the stronger one, the leader. If it means helper you get the opposite result. Either way, you never have "equality of roles".

Bottom line, someone is going to be given headship, its just a matter who not if.

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